Eternal Seven » spikes

I was just doodling a few days ago when this ended up solidifying in just a few minutes, I decided to post it after looking at it again tonight.

Soldier wearing a spiked helmet with a weird design

All done in Photoshop, about 20 minutes of work.

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About as cliche as you can get with art, I love it!

This goes perfectly well with my recent theme of Naked Women with Swords.

Tits & Spikes

While the artwork is my own from an unreferenced quick sketch I ended up going back and very closely referencing a photo of Luba Shumeyko once again. I’m not thrilled about the colors but I need to learn so here it is colors and all. The background was originally painted with trees but I once again opted out for a barren landscape which seems to contrast the fleshy foregrounds (yes, that’s a plural of rounds…)

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