Eternal Seven » sword

Different style for this one.

Sword Girl - Anime Influenced Concept Art

I started this with MyPaint in linux, later moved over to Photoshop in Windows.

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Blade is broken into the ribcage of an enemy, the sky is burning, and a rain of deadly arrows takes it’s toll… the warrior goes on until the end.

Pencil drawing of a warrior with a broken sword

This is a pencil drawing which I finally finished the other day. Similar to other works that will be posted here (hopefully soon) this was in the oven for a very long time. Color and contrast were added in Photoshop.

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Ride it, ma’ pony!

Naked girl with a Sword

This is a pencil drawing which has been digitally modified to bring out the contrast, shape and also add some monochrome color. It’s time I start posting these sketches, getting really lazy lately!

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Well I started a new sketchbook, since the first page always wears out and smudges all over I decided to just go with ink on this one.

Sword of the Titans Ink Sketch

I guess I spent about an hour on this one.

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A flower with a thorn, a slight gust blowing from behind her and pulling on her hair.

Sword Bearing Queen

A pencil drawing of another Eternal Seven character. The drawing was touched up in Photoshop because the sketch was very small.

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