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As some of you know I’m a bigtime geek, playing with linux and seeing how free software is coming along is always interesting to me. This is a field which is rapidly expanding these days and there are artists out there who use many of these tools professionally. Also in recent history every time I’ve upgraded to the latest Ubuntu I’ve always done some tests to make sure all my stuff is working properly.

Today I finally got some free time to play with MyPaint, here are the results:

Quick sketching done with MyPaint

My previous experience with MyPaint had left me rather disappointed. This time it’s completely the opposite. I actually took my time and really worked around with the various brushes and looked through the keyboard shortcuts. Apparently the keyboard shortcuts make a huge difference in terms of the usability of this program.

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This is a sketch I just created under the new Ubuntu version, so I tattooed her with the Ubuntu logo!

Sketch of a girl with an Ubuntu Logo Tattoo

I worked on this for about 30 minutes, all of it was done in the GIMP 2.6.6 under linux. I think I might make updates to this to clean it up but this is where it’s at for now and I like it! Cheers to all the linux developers out there, OSS is coming along really nicely.

Here is my thread where I posted this on the Ubuntu Forums.

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