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This is a character of one of my friends who plays the game. Ink drawing, which actually took a while and more than one take.

Zulatani - World of Warcraft Fan Art

Below is the initial concept sketch which I made using pencil and then making modifications in Photoshop.

Female Jaghut Concept - Zulatani from the World of Warcraft

Really enjoyed making this one.

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Chullduzaar is the name of a World of Warcraft character one of my friends asked me to draw as a Christmas present for her man.

Chullduzaar - World of Warcraft Fanart - Ink Drawing

This is an all ink drawing, ink just looks better in the real world! Actually it was rather difficult to create. At first I had a small ink sketch that I had created and when I tried to replicate it to make it bigger I had to redraw him multiple times. Eventually this is the best I could come up with. The actual drawing did look good.

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