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Silchas Ruin is one of three brothers from the Malazan Empire series of books written by Steven Erikson. He is one of the first sons of darkness, but unlike most other Tiste Andii he is white, because he is an albino and even the darkness taking him did not change the color of his skin. The character is rather evil but even when the author puts him in bad light you can’t help but cheer for him, and he is involved in some sheer badassery in the later books.

Silchas Ruin from the Malazan Empire

I took some artistic liberty with the glowing fiery swords.

I started this drawing on Christmas Eve 2014 and worked on it over close to 3 weeks. It’s one of my biggest efforts in recent years in terms of time I’ve put into a drawing. Here’s a tweened animated GIF from 6 of the major stages of the drawing.

Silchas Ruin WIP animated GIF

I had multiple references for inspiration, most notably this work: The Hunt

Updated on 1/18/2015 with more tweaks to details and mainly fixing the scale of the head which had somehow become too small! Thanks to the comments I received on Google+ and the Malazan Empire Art Forum.

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This is the stereotypical absurd nude female warrior who distracts her opponents with her cleavage. There was a direct inspiration for this drawing and it was actually a study (of sorts) of the following image: The Vampire by Elda.

As you can see the pose and some of the outlines are the same, I also had no background at all but focused the image on the character itself.

For the People - Nude Female Warrior Concept

Initial pencil sketch was very quick and much more in tune with the original drawing by Elda, I then scanned and took some liberties with the character including the nudity. Probably 1.5 hours total spent on this. I was working really dark in Photoshop and at the end used some tricks to increase contrast and the ink outlines are a simple PS filter – I actually liked the look of it and layered it on top of my main sketch. Cheers!

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Blade is broken into the ribcage of an enemy, the sky is burning, and a rain of deadly arrows takes it’s toll… the warrior goes on until the end.

Pencil drawing of a warrior with a broken sword

This is a pencil drawing which I finally finished the other day. Similar to other works that will be posted here (hopefully soon) this was in the oven for a very long time. Color and contrast were added in Photoshop.

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A concept sketchof an Eternal Seven character.

Crouching Warrior Pencil Sketch

This is a pencil sketch which was modified in Photoshop to add some more contrast, clean it out, and add the background and color variations.

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