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A Portrait of a Witch

Quick and dirty portrait of a witch woman.

Portrait of a Witch - Digital Painting by Niva

I worked on this probably for 2 hours total in the span of a week. It did not turn out very good and I was really rushing it. Tried to speed paint it but kept going back and doing more to tweak it. I liked the unfinished and unrefined look to it. I did use a photo from a magazine as a reference.

Sketching with The GIMP

These are two recent sketches I created in The GIMP.

War Vehicle

Futuristic War Vehicle

The mechanical contraption above was somewhat inspired by the vehicle in Aliens for those who have seen the movie. However, I didn’t reference anything when I drew it and was really intended as a GIMP test.

Witch Portrait

The above portrait of a witch was also a GIMP test. I experimented a lot with this working with brushes and colors and many of the tools within GIMP. The final result of the mosaic was due to a filter I applied to the image. The sketch wasn’t really all that good so no big loss.