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My take on One Eye from the Black Company.

One Eye from the Black Company

Ink sketch modified in Photoshop for contrast, considering doing a more extensive paint-over in the near future but I need to finish some other drawings first.

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The title says it all.

For those who have some time to kill, Magicka is a fun cheap game you can get on Steam which may provide you with countless hours of entertainment and fun.

Magicka fan art of a Rogue Wizard

Digital drawing I spent entirely too much time on considering the lack of anything dynamic or all that detailed. Frankly I’m disappointed with myself but I really enjoyed this game.

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Every time I hear someone refer to “the Magus” or “a Magus” I can’t help but think of the character from Chrono Trigger who is perhaps one of the first really evil villains in a video game who ultimately turned out to be a good guy. Well maybe that’s not true, I’m sure others can bring up other examples, but the fact is that The Magus was extremely memorable. Well today I finished this drawing after about 3 hours worth of work on it, it was my rendition of the character though it was done for the CHOW 188 activity at

The Magus with a book of spells

Pencil sketch first, matter of fact you can see the WIP below:

The MAGUS drawing WIP animation

Enjoy, and long live the Magus!

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