Little words beyond the title are needed to describe the contents of this post so enjoy!

About the drawings: The various characters depicted in this post are lesser characters from the Eternal Seven story. This post is being updated often with new material. It’s also quickly becoming a prime candidate for testing out a flash plugin…

Tits and Swords - Detail 1

The above character is an unreferenced pencil sketch for an assassin showcasing her weapons!

Tits and Swords - Detail 2

This character shared a page with the one above as a pencil sketch but the face did not look very good or convincing so I sculpted and blended the image in Photoshop until she looked better. There might be more updates to these images very soon.

Tits and Swords 3

The character above was also a pencil drawing which I blended and added some color to in Photoshop. No references were used, about 3 hours of work.

Flying Mage – September 2008

Here is a character which was motivated by the Sisters of Fate from God of War 2.

Flying Mage

The drawing was a very quick pencil sketch, it was darkened and modified in Photoshop. I should have more updates soon, it’s not quite finished yet!

Nude Fairy Assassin! – October 2008

Fairies are cute, unless they’re stabbing you in the face!

Fairy Assassin

Pencil sketch, I cleaned out the background in Photoshop.

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